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Balinese Keris

A classic Balinese keris as owned by most Balinese not of wealthy or privileged caste. Very large, showy blade with 21 curves or "luk". Hair wraped wooden hilt. Most keris have straight blades but wavy, serpentine shapes are also commonly associated with them.

Keris daggers are widespread throughout the greater Malay and Indonesia cultural world. The blades are made of iron and nickel (often of meteoric origin) and are highly valued as powerful talismans. The supernatural powers associated with them span everything imaginable: attracting wealth, power, luck, influence, love; warding off black magic, jealousy, fire, poison, violence, lightning strikes; or making one a good dancer, able diplomat or soldier. Very old keris blades of known provenance can be extremely costly. Blacksmiths who are expert in forging keris are respected and known for their mystic powers.

length sheathed - 28"
width - 8" at widest

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Balinese Keris Balinese Keris Balinese Keris Balinese Keris